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Frequently Asked Questions

GUVMA Shop Order FAQs

Do we have to buy from the GUVMA Shop?

No, you are not required to purchase PPE from us. We offer this to make it easier for students arriving on campus, but we recognize many students have some of the items already!


Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Returns- we allow for returns and refunds of new unworn items; there is no time-limit for returns. Exchanges- we allow for exchanges of new unworn items.

We try to keep a variety of sizes in the shop year-round, and there is no time-limit for exchanges.


How many of each item should I order?

This is up to personal preference. Some students order additional items, particularly scrubs, to allow for washing and drying between practicals/ during EMS placements.


Do you sell wellies? Crocs? Steel-toed boots?

Farm Wellies- we have a selection of used wellies for sale in the shop. We cannot guarantee what sizes we have in stock at any given time. Students often purchase new wellies from sources such as Amazon, Decathlon, or Sports Direct.

White Wellies- the Pathology Club sells used white wellies that have been donated and cleaned. Please check their facebook for additional information. However, these types of wellies are not required for first year practicals!

Crocs- we do not sell crocs.

Steel-toed boots- we sometimes have used boots, but cannot guarantee stock.


Do you sell suture pads and kits?

Those are sold through the Clinical Skills department. You will be ordering those separately through their order form. However, we do sell suture pad holders and a selection of suture material in our shop.


I am an international student and do not have a UK bank account yet- how should I pay?

We are happy to take cash upon collection. Otherwise, you are able to send funds to our bank account from the US via services such as TransferWise

Where do the proceeds go to?

Money that does not go into running the store is used for student events. For example, the proceeds from the freshers kits goes to Halfway Ball. 

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Contact the shop email

Volunteers get a discount.