A message from your social reps:

Welcome to Glasgow Vet School! As Social Reps, we are responsible for organising the key events in the social calendar - you don't want to miss these! This year is set to go above and beyond previous years; expect maximum effort from your Social Reps to help everyone catch up and get to know what Vet School is all about! First is the Welcome Back Party where everyone tells tales of their summer staycations whilst sipping a pint or four, this is one of the biggest dress up events of the year so look forward to getting creative. Later on in the year comes the Weekend of Dreams which includes Vet Ball, a swanky evening where we get dressed to impress, pretend to be sophisticated and eat from a menu that can barely be pronounced before dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The Final Fling then rounds off the year, where we say farewell to the new graduate vets and attempt to avoid a bout of food poisoning from the BBQ. We're also here anytime to lend a hand in any other social events and ensure you lot have a bit of fun in between learning about mites, muscles, and mastitis!


Bronwyn & Martine 2021-22 GUVMA Social Reps

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Freshers Forum

Organised by GUVMA Exec/Social Reps/PR Rep

The first official vet school event to welcome the vet and biovets into the family. This is a chance for freshers to meet the people they're going to work/play/suffer with for the next 4 (if you're a biovet) or 5 years......or 6+ years if you enjoy going out too much!















Freshers Fayre 

Organised by GUVMA Exec/social reps

Don't just study all day, join an organization! The GUVMA Freshers Fayre is a cultural smorgasbord of sports teams, associations, clubs, non-profits, and societies that want YOUR membership. Whether you want to join a sports team or have a go at knitting or polo, or you have an interest in exotics/zoo medicine - there's a group for everyone!

Welcome Back Party

Organised by Social Reps

Dress up like an fool and trade summer tales! Expect a big night of a hard sesh, and hopefully lots of Nicki Minaj.

















Welcome Back Ceilidh

Organised by Final Year Vets

It's time to strip that Willow and Gay those Gordons. Anyone who hasn't ceilidh'd before? Its a traditional Scottish dance that you will become a pro at by final year. . . or perhaps not.

Godspeed, my friends.



Organised by Third Year Vets

A night to remember; full of fantastic fancy dress and more terror than Govan on a Friday night! You never know what might happen . . . Prepare to get spooky! 

AVS Sports Weekend

Organised by AVS Reps

An absolutely cracking weekend!!!! Full of pub crawls, befriending other vet students from across the UK, and loads of crude chanting. WE LOVE YOU GLASGOW!

Oh, and apparently some 'sports' also occur at some point
















Dick Day

Organised by the Sports Reps.

Okay, this time we DO play sports.

It's Glasgow vs. THEM. (The Edinburgh 'Royal Dick' Vets... Yep, that's the name of their school). We always win! Even when we don't... With sports ranging from rugby to netball to ultimate frisbee, its a ton of fun and all to play for!

Christmas Party and Ceilidh 

Organised by Trusty Paws

End the first term with some festive frivolities! There will be a ceilidh played by our very own Vet School Music Club!

Welcome Back After Christmas Party

Organised by Second Year Vets

Brave that winter chill and warm up at another Welcome Back Extravaganza! More themes, more dancing . . . you get the idea.

Burns Night

Organised by the Biovets

Don yer finest kilts ye lads, lassies dress to the nines, force down ye sheep's stomachs and get ready for dances that'll bruise yer body worse than a peach rolling down an ol' flight o' stairs.


AVS Congress

Organised by the AVS reps

A great event where, similar to AVS Sports Weekend, all the vet schools get together but this time there is no attempt at sports, instead a chance to learn during the day, and a Congress Ball that is the highlight of the night.

Vet School Does Dodgeball

Organised by Sports Reps 

Join a team of whoever you can round up and prepare to DODGE, DUCK, DIP, DIVE, AND.......DODGE!!

Mr. Vet School

Organised by the Fourth Year Vets

Get ready to ask questions like 'How did he get into that dress and do a split?' and 'Why is this happening?' as plucky male contenders from across the vet school compete in our own 'Beauty Pageant'. The best, worst, and most confusing thing you will see all year.

Vet Ball

Organised by Social Reps

A very classy kilted/black tie evening of fine dining and dancing that takes place in February. It is part of 'The Weekend of Dreams' kicked off by Mr. Vet School, followed by Old Boys Rugby and Football matches, and topped off with everyone from vet school old and new displaying a bit of class! Dresses/Kilts/Suits expected!

































Vet School Revue

Organised by the Fourth Year Vets

You thought your embarrassing deeds would be kept a secret by your loyal and trustworthy friends? 'Fraid not son. Buckle up for an hour of naming and shaming as the Revue reveals all in dramatic and musical form. 

Elections Week

This is where things get real. Love it or hate it, get ready to be swept up in election fever. Facebook is no longer a safe place, neither are the walls or doors of Vet School as the faces of those thirsty for your votes cover them in poster-form. Politics has never been so good!

Rodeo Subcrawl

Organised by the Rodeo Committee

When else can you ride the subway in a cowboy hat and raise money for charity simultaneously? Attempt to get around the whole circuit without being chucked off and (if you can). Win the ultimate prize by selling the most raffle tickets to the punters you meet along the way! Get excited!

Rodeo Day and After Party Ceilidh

Organised by The Rodeo Committee

Rodeo is an amazing event that has been going for more than 50 years! Its a fantastic day out for everyone (who DOESN'T get a kick out of duck herding?!) and raises money for loads of charities. Everyone at vet school can get involved and help out on the day, and will be rewarded with a free BBQ hosted by GUVMA and an after party ceilidh in the emptied Main Marquee - the only ceilidh we do in wellies with enough space to dance! As this is one of our last events of the year, its time to show how much your dancing skills have improved over the year!

Final Fling

Organised by Social Reps

Its time to send the Final Years off in true Vet School Style - they have after all survived their way through it! They do their Raft Race across the Kelvin during the day then descend on a marquee in the grounds of Vet School with a BBQ put on by GUVMA and a DJ to ensure everyone dances the night away!

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