Glasgow Equine Veterinary Society is a student run society aiming to bring the best speakers and professionals in the field to discuss a range of clinical equine topics.
We also organize trips to equine facilities that are open to everyone.
Whether you are a 'horsey' person or are just interested in learning more, please come along to see what we're about!



Glasgow Farm Animal Veterinary Society is a rapidly growing community of farm animal enthusiasts from all different backgrounds, young farmers, and city folk alike -- all are welcome! We hold talks, practical classes, farm visits and more so come out to see what we have to offer.
We're sure you'll enjoy yourself!



Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society was created by a small group of students in the early 90’s, aiming to fill the gaps in the curriculum by covering anything and everything exotic! We hold talks and practicals covering topics ranging from reptiles to tiger conservation!
Everyone is welcome to learn more about exotics, zoo medicine, epidemiology, conservation, rehabilitation, marine mammal medicine, and more!

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Glasgow University One Health Society is a student-run organization devoted to promoting One Health awareness and action. One Health is about recognizing the interconnectedness between human, animal, and environmental health and working to improve life for all. Topics we focus on include zoonotic disease, antimicrobial resistance, vector-borne diseases, food security, environmental contamination, and mental health. We work to give students the chance to explore these topics, practice the One Health approach, and build a multidisciplinary network. Some of our programs include the Green Fleet, Shop Local Shop Sustainable campaign, and Sofa Sessions that promote the One Health agenda.